• Camping Le Médiéval

A slice of paradise... in the heart of the Ardèche

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Play and relax at the campsite!

Campsite napping, campsite chilling but above all, campsite fun... to fly a kite with the children, to play football with friends or to bet during the short drink while playing petanque.

A playground

The only rule at the Médiéval is to have fun, over and over again! At the heart of the campsite you will find a judge field where all kind of activities can be done with friends or family. Perfect for football games or playing with your dog... the area is free; everyone can use it as he wishes!

Close to it, you will find a playground for the children, a ping pong table and of course, the unavoidable petanque areas, the place to be for the legendary stories like "The ball that rolls by its self" and "the plug has been moved".