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The Médiéval, a ladies story!

Camping Le Médiéval 10 June, 11 June, 12 June... 30 June... Yes, it’s summertime!

Every year I was waiting impatiently for the summer, to raise my tent in the garden, I would sit on my grandmother Rosie’s lap under the wine stump on the terrace, I loved it … She loved her Médiéval … Always telling me that her father, « great-grandfather Louis » bought the exploitation of 4 hectares for the Lord of Saint Thomé in life insurance, that he didn’t die before he was 100 years old, and she looked at me smiling and said : "We paid it twice, but it was worth the price my Lynda!"
Then she would stand up, welcome the guests, always kindly and with a smile, much better than I can do … and she came back to me to finish her story: "It’s a Dutch family that made me create this campsite in 1967, the Family De Boer. They were lost in our wine yards at the end of June, and didn’t left before the end of July... It was like the Spanish hostel Lynda! The children, with their blond hairs, climbed and the tractor of your grandfather with their father of uncle to go to the fields, and in the evening he would take them hunting for crayfish in the river, while I was making small dishes with your mother, aunt and the other ladies... Shared moments, meals with lots of wine, crazy laughs... that’s when my grandmother started to make plans for a campsite. Even today, the Médiéval is a save harbour but also a convivial place where people meets again year after year, lost between the cliff and the fields. From Rose to Romy, through Arlette, Dany and Lynda, the Médiéval is a ladies story, a women story...

We are open from May 1th till September 30th (or longer if the weather allows it). The farm has become the restaurant, reception and bistro, filled with odds and ends, near the chestnut threes. The basin of the mill has become the swimming pools. The fruit trees are still here, they provided the shadow on the campsite. The river is the place for treasure hunting. The sable turns into a disco... The campsite has been modernized but keeping its authenticity, and above all its family spirit... the campsite changes but not our spirit.

Lynda Ruiz, owner of the campsite
(the read hear... at the right, that's me!)

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A resolute spirit "cool-soul-seventies" assumed at the heart of a naturel and verdant Ardèche... Welcome in our coloured universe, filled with joy and friendship!

For your family holidays or holidays amongst friends, the campsite Le Médiéval welcomes you in Saint-Thomé, a little village secular nestled in the Ardèche, at two baby steps from Montélimar and a giant’s step from Vallon Pont d'Arc. A passion transferred through four generations, lulled between respect of the heritage and the pleasure of receiving... Le Médiéval, a family story, a passion passed down through four generations, lulled between respect of heritage and the pleasure of receiving...

For the wild freedom adepts, you will find big pitches of 100 m2 with water and electricity along the river or close to the big cliff. For more comfort you can enjoy fully equipped mobile homes providing space for 4 to 6 people where you feel like chilling the whole day. For the travel amateurs you will be rocking in imagination in our tents with a sitting area open to the exterior or our cocoon tents for toddlers and funny buddies.